Home is where the heart is !!!

There is always a cycle for everything that are exited in this world. For rain there is water cycle. For living beings there is life cycle. Likewise there is also a lifecycle for our lovely Earth. If we are ill then we do medical check up and that may cure us but if we do not do so then definitely we will suffer a lot and may die. Although we have to die one day, the treatment will extend our life span. So do earth. If we care ourselves then why are we being careless to our lovely earth? We know that one day our earth will be collapse but if we care it then its life will be long. Now it is the time to save our earth from destruction. Here are some of the facts that we can know how our earth is degrading day by day.

  1. We have suffered a lot due to forest fire in different national parks and conservation areas by which we lost huge number valuable flora and fauna. The recent wild fire in different forest of Nepal, California and Spain are such divesting examples.
  2. Over the last three to four years the precipitation has fallen across most part of different countries with a dry winter.
  3. Few days ago Kailali, Dadheldura, Achham which are western districts of Nepal, were hit by flood and landslide killing more then 50 peoples and thousands displaced from home.
  4. Himalayan region which used to be covered with packs of snow are gradually changing to black rock. More then 20 glaciers have been found in Himalayas of Nepal. Also the polar ice caps are also melting with great rate thus increasing sea level.
  5. Sea levels are rising with a rapid rate of 3mm/yr which could be more in coming days. About 600 millions people living in low lying areas are in danger of being flooded. By 2050, in Bangladesh, it is estimated that 70 millions people could be affected by floods and 8 millions by drought.

So what can we do now? We can do a lot. A little effort form our side can make a big difference. Using alternative sources of energy like wind energy, solar energy, bio fuels and hydro energy rather then using fossils fuel can reduce carbon emission with a great rate. Replacing convectional electric bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) save one quarter electricity because 7-watt CFLs are comparable to regular 40-watt bulbs. Constructing building by use of concrete as well as slag. Mixing slag with concrete saves energy and makes the concrete stronger. Save water because we do not know that excess use of ground water also increases sea level. The ground water used by Northern Indians adds as much as 5% of total rise in sea level which is equivalent to rising of sea level by melting of Alaskan glaciers.

These are the things that we can do daily but unless there is no any strict rules and regulation regarding carbon emission and energy consumption these matter would not help a lot. Kyoto protocol is going to be finished by 2012 which will be replaced by climate change conference going to be held on this dec7 - dec18 at Copenhagen. USA and China contributes 40% of total carbon emission. So unless there is no treaty between USA and China regarding reduction of carbon emission we would not get enough fruit from this conference. “Home” is where the “Heart” is. But if there is no heart, obviously there will be no home. So let’s hope for better result from Copenhagen conference.

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