"Ghajini" in ME Village

We have our very own GHAJINI in ME Village. He is here, Mr. Sanjay Rajbhandari as Mr. Sanjay Singhania in GHAJINI. 

हामी villager लाई त एकदमै डर लाग्छ यो सञ्जयसँग ॥ कुटो भने त कुटिहालो नि !!!!!!

Nothing new !!

Nothing new and exciting in Village. Days are passing by..................

Internet 24*7 now

the ME Villa has now net available 24*7 from now onwards. this was only possible due 2 inverter. Now villagers can be onlyn at the time of loadsheedings also.

Best of Luck GD !!

All the villagers like to wish best of luck to GD for his upcoming chess match in the KU sports week. The match is scheduled for March 12 with psycho Rojan from ME 1st year. Best of Luck GD !! GD is the only competitor in any sports event from ME Village.

The Inverter is ON 24*7

Finally, ME village is equipped with 24 hours power supply with the purchase of 60 watts OMNI inverter with EXIDE battery. It is said that the inverter will last for 4 hours in its full power consumption. With only half of its power is used to light ME village, it is expected to power ME Village 24*7 if no further increase in load shedding occurs. 

Also the inverter back ups WI-FI internet router, internet facility remains uninterrupted 24*7 in laptops. The Villagers are one step up in their mission of facilitating the Village. Congrats Villagers !!!! 

Finally Er.Goverdhan topped mevillage.

Gpa sheet has been lunched in the village. Gpa of the villagers is listed below:
Er. Goverdhan Shrestha- 3.2
Er. Prabesh Poudel- 3.0
Er. Ananta Bhusal- 2.8
Er. Sanjay Rajbhandari- 2.7
Er. Prajwol Shrestha- 2.6
Although the villagers had worked hard to ascend their gpa, they could not succeed due to some personal problems rather the gpa has been gone through descending order. So all the villagers have join hands to uplift the gpa and promished not to copy all the assingments. It is sad to hear that one of our villagers had gone through mental problem because he had secured "C" in his core subject. Lastly Er. GD had topped mevillage with gpa 3.2.

योग शिविर@ME Village

हाम्रो ME Villageमा योग शिविर सञ्चालन भएकोले सबैलाई आमन्त्रण गरिन्छ।

समय: बिहान ७ बजे

स्थान: ME Village, २८ किलो

Jaundice Villager : Still alive

One ME villager has suffered from Jaundice for the second time in 6 months. Ananata Bhusal(a ME villager)'s complain of heavy stomach ache resulted into a "sorry" jaundice. His biliruvin in blood is 2.2. He is expected to recover. Sorry  Villager !!!! Get well soon !!!

"Fun Unlimited" comes to an end

"Fun Unlimited" the slogan of ME village has come to an end. 1 exercise long assignment of Mrs. Jyoti Upadhyaya, 12 questions of Samir Shrestha, some questions of Mrs. Ambika Karkee and Pratisthit lal Shrestha plus new assignment of Mr. Prachanda Man Pradhan stopped the fun of ME village now. Villagers are unhappy specially with Mrs. Jyoti for completing chapter & 8 in no time. All the villagers are wondering what Statistics and Probablity is !!! 

Poor Villagers are carrying large burden of assignments !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to get the solve of assignments soon !!!!!